Services for researchers

On the path towards winning EU funding, I support researchers with the following services:

  • Exploring the funding possibilities relevant for their research fields, interests and expertise
  • Providing information on the policy background of the call and help to position the proposal accordingly

  • Finding partners and building and joining a consortium

  • Guiding first-time coordinators through the process of consortium-building, budget negotiations and managing the joint proposal preparation work

  • Developing a solid, clear and convincing grant proposal

    • proposal support from the development of the concept till the submission. I help the team throughout the entire proposal process, stay available for questions and provide quality assurance for the text as it evolves.

    • pre-submission proposal review, mock evaluation. A thorough, critical assessment of the completed proposal from an evaluator’s point of view, detailed suggestions on how to improve the text and consultation opportunity for questions.

    • proposal writing of the following sections: Expected impacts, Measures to maximize impact (Dissemination, Exploitation, Data Management, Knowledge Management, IPR) Communication activities, Management structure, milestones and procedures and Ethics.

    • S.O.S proposal troubleshooting online consultation for research teams having specific questions in the proposal development process
  • In the project management phase: negotiating the Consortium Agreement, preparation or quality assurance of deliverables on the fields of Communication, Dissemination, IPR, Ethics and Data Management, Ethics screening