Services to improve EU funding success rates

I offer various services for organizations that already have experience with EU funding and intend to improve their performance, try applying for new types of grants or have the ambition of becoming consortium leaders. The content and form of the services are adjusted to the client’s needs and may vary from performing defined tasks to providing ongoing consultancy support.

Examples of support services:

  • assessing the institution’s EU funding performance, recommendations how to improve
  • keeping the management updated on the latest opportunities and events
  • identifying the relevant funding opportunities
  • practice-focused training sessions on various EU funding topics
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  • for first-time coordinators: guiding the team through the process of consortium-building, budget negotiations and managing the joint proposal preparation work
  • developing institutional EU funding strategy
  • monitoring research support process
  • expanding international network by partner search and matchmaking possibilities
  • H2020 proposal support and proposal writing services
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